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VIC & NSW are opening up from lockdowns...

So what does that mean for school, sports and pre school photography companies in NSW & VIC?

It means that there is still hope to photograph this year. After speaking with a few companies in NSW, they are already able to photograph kinders and schools in regional areas, however currently (at time of writing 22.9) metro schools in NSW are on a case by case basis. That should give some indication of what VIC photography operators should expect and/or hope for.

We may be lucky to get 4 weeks of photography at the end of the term in Metro areas, something to hope and prepare for...

School Photo Operators that are still using a pre payment sales strategy may find it challenging in regards to refunds if they are unable to photograph. Perhaps a timely reminder to consider alternative sales strategies and workflows to transform their business models....

Non the less, I'm sure operators in NSW & VIC have their sights on 2022 and I'm always happy to help.

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