We Help High Volume Photographers to

 Save Time, Earn More & Grow!

We specialise in helping high volume photography companies to reduce manual labour, earn more and grow through our schools & sports photography software & education.

Software & education to help
start, save time, earn more & grow your

high volume photography business.

Do you need help to reduce your fixed costs?

Have you outgrown your current workflow and unable to grow & scale?

Do you struggle with old workflows & technology that have left you uncompetitive?

Have your sales been steadily declining?

Do you need help creating a clear vision and streamlined workflow?

Do you want to build a scalable photography business?



Netlife Photosuite 'Pro'

Streamline Your Entire Workflow &

Automate Your Online Sales. 

From bookings to delivery, Photosuite Pro streamlines your entire workflow and automates your online sales reducing costs related to manual labor in your organisation. From small to enterprise level organisations of 1 million plus subjects, Netlife Photosuite 'Pro' gives you full control over your workflows, sales strategies and customisation for your high volume photography business. 

Take control of your company and reduce your fixed costs, manage your photographers, retouchers and admin staff and track jobs at every step of the way. Streamline your high volume photography workflow with a proven platform that reduces your manual labour and simplifies your business from booking to delivery. Workflows are fully flexible and adaptable for small, medium and enterprise businesses.

Netlife Photosuite 'Lite'

You Photograph. We Do The Rest.

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Create your job and import data lists,  create dummy subjects or work on the fly. The choice is yours!

Photograph tethered to a computer using Photolink software or photograph free hand using our QR app

Edit your photographs or outsource color correction to us and then upload. We do the rest!

Sit back & relax as we take care of quality control, webshop sales, customer service, production & delivery


Parents View Images, Customise & Order

World Class Optimised Mobile & Desktop Webshop To Increase Your Sales

& Automate Production


Jason Butcher

''As an enterprise level company we realised that having global industry partners and the implementation of a platform to streamline and manage workflow from booking to delivery would be a game changer for our business. We have been able to reduce our manual labor in every part of our business, control and train photographers to produce exceptionally high quality selection of images for each parent to view and purchase online yielding great buy rates and sale rates. HVP solutions and the Netlife team have been an integral part of the workflow and e -commerce  implementation and an ongoing supporting partner of our business''

Gavin image.jpeg

Gavin McDougall

''Having photographed schools for over 20 years and recognising that our industry is changing, I contacted Glen and his team.  We spoke about the importance of mindset change in order to implement real change in my business. Albeit it took some time to get my head around the changes and what that would mean to my business, I couldn't be happier with making the change from another well known software to the business model that Glen teachers with the Netlife platform. ''


Daniel Sheehan - 

''I added high volume photography to my wedding and portrait business in 2015 using Pathway one, using the business model and workflow that Glen teachers has easily enabled us to grow and scale to 150 pre school centres as well as expanding into graduations and now school photography. After our first year, we naturally moved into the Pathway three model which utilizes the customisation, flexibility and features that we needed for our growing business. Thanks Glen & The Team for the continuous support over the years.''



High Volume Photography Solutions core value is to educate photographers and photography businesses to save time, earn more and grow.

We work with many different size high volume photography operators which enables us to gain a global insight into what strategies are working well in different markets. These insights and information are shared and are extremely valuable to continuously have the competitive advantage.

High Volume Photography Solutions was established as a direct result of seeing a niche in the market and an increased demand for solutions to reduce manual labour, increase profits and grow pre school, schools and sports photography companies.

Our solutions are flexible and can be tailored to our clients needs. Our unique model that includes specialist partnered services and an extensive network of operators are an endless supply of industry development and knowledge. This enables us to successfully service large or small clients and has been proven by the success of our clients.

Our team works closely with you to strategically grow your high volume photography business. Our main focus is to assess your current operations and workflow to create a plan for the reduction in manual labour and identify growth areas of your high volume photography business.

The high volume photography industry is going through some significant changes right now. With advanced technology we are able to utilise the power of location independency through cloud based solutions. With specialised high volume photography software, you are able to reduce cost by changing your current way of working.

Specialised high volume photography software enables operators to work in a totally new way which streamlines workflow and minimises the growing cost of manual labour which we have seen devastate companies in the past.

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