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Workflow & Sales for HVP Small Business

Photosuite Lite

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Volume photography made easy.



Create your job and import data lists. Manage your jobs in the Cloud Admin to gain control of your business 



Photograph tethered to a computer using Photolink software or photograph free hand using our QR app



Upload your photographs & quality control your job in the cloud based admin



Set your job live in the webshop with automated comms. Enjoy same day order dispatch

What's included?


Cloud based Admin Panel to take control of your business

Photolink Software with free updates (MAC & WINDOWS) to control your photoday and match subject data

Photograph untethered using our QR code app to automatically data match

Photograph tethered to automatically data match

1 on 1 training through video conferencing.

Web store with either predefined packages and price lists or use your own custom packages

Free target automated communication (emails & SMS) to drive sales and upsells

Extensive range of photo and digital press products to increase your sales and gain the compedative advantage

Production and delivery ( 24 hour dispatch) of packs and products without lifting a finger

- Success Story -
How Leisure Lane Photography Acquired & Managed 17 Pre School Jobs In The 1st Year Of Business

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Jack & Purdy Photography

''Photosuite Lite has been a game-changer. The system saves us at least 10 hours on every job, freeing up valuable time to focus on growing our school photography business. From the first demo, the HVP Solutions team have given great advice and shared industry knowledge which has significantly contributed to our success. We have also been impressed with the printing services offered by HVP.


HVP have their own Lab including a digital press for additional product capabilities and the print quality is fantastic. Deliveries have been unbelievably fast (usually same day dispatch for home delivery and under 24 hours for large batch orders). Our schools are so impressed with the speed that orders are delivered and this gives us a great 'competitive advantage'' and an edge to acquire more schools.”

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Douglas Thorne
Douglas Thorne Photography

I added preschool and school photography to my business a couple of years ago and discovered that I needed a system and service that allows me to focus on what I do best - Photograph - Photosuite Lite does exactly that. All I need to do is import the job data, photograph and upload and set the job live. 


The HVP Solutions team takes care quality assurance check when printing orders. Home delivery orders are dispatched the same day (great feedback from parents about the quality and speed).

I have reduced my workload significantly and my sales have increased which more than 'pays' for the service fee, not to mention the hours saved.


Sam Gilmore
Leisure Lane Photography

''I added high volume photography to my wedding and portrait business in 2020 using 'Photosuite Lite', using the business model and workflow that Glen teachers has easily enabled us to grow and scale to almost 40 pre-school centres within two years as well as expanding into sports and school photography. 

After my first year, I moved into 'Photosuite Pro' which utilizes the customisation, flexibility and features that we needed for my growing business. I also have all of our work printed with HVP and enjoy same-day dispatch with home deliveries and next-day dispatch for batch deliveries back to the school.  

A huge thanks to Glen & The Team for the support over these early years, it's moved my business forward far further than I could have done all by myself.''

Photosuite Lite users earn
10-15 % more revenue than their previous workflow and sales platforms
Photosuite Lite Users
Save up to 12 hours of work on every job


$39/month billed yearly

7.95% Service fee

Earn more + Save time = Increased net profit

Request a demo

Speak to a Photographer Business Advisor


How many subjects do you photograph per year?
Type/s of Photography

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  • How do I use this in my wedding business
    Acuire more clients Show an example how live portraits works on your website Show your prospective clients at your initial face to face How to monetize as a product Up sell as an invitation card Up sell as a part of your wedding album Up sell as a thank you card Up sell as a part of your wall art
  • How do I use this in my portrait business
    Acuire more clients Show an example how live portraits works on your website to gain attention How to monetize as a product Up sell as a card (Birthday card, Thank you card, Christmas card) Up sell as a part of an album Up sell as a part of your wall art or prints
  • How do I use this in my high volume photography business (Schools, Sports)"
    Acuire more clients Point of Difference (new product) Show an example how live portraits works on your website to gain attention Principal/Coach/Group teacher speach How to monetize as a product Up sell as add on product to prints
  • How do I use this in my SCHOOL
    Multimedia Art Project Student creates an artwork (Painting Drawing), takes a picture of it and creates a video (artist perhaps talking about the artwork). At a school exibition, anyone can then scan the artwork to reveal the video. Sport Group or Individual Pictures Sports students can link a video to there picture 'showing there sporting finess' in a linked video Music Group or Indiviual Picture Group image of a music group/player can come alive (watch and listen) in video The sky is the limit with any other curriculum area.
  • What is Live Portrait
    A Live Portrait is a photograph or image that has been linked to a video. When you use the free Live Portrait App to scan the photograph, the linked video will play on your smartphone. The Live Portrait platform is patent pending and was created by entrepreneurs Robert Nunn and Samuel Zaribian.
  • How does Live Portrait Work
    The magic happens when our software analyzes the printed image by creating a mathematical model based on shapes, lines, proportions, colors and other elements. It then matches the model against images already in Live Portrait’s database. When a match is found what you see is a 3D, mapped digital video playing on top of your print, living in the physical world.
  • What mobile devices support the Live Portait app?
    Apple devices running iOS 7.0 and above, including iPads. Android devices running 4.1 or newer.
  • Who uses the Live Portrait service
    The Live Portrait service is used by professional photographers, publishers, and content creators. They use Live Portrait, with their traditional printed images as a key, to ‘unlock’ a video that creates a more engaging experience.
  • How do I know what to scan?
    Make sure that the photo you’re trying to scan is Live Portrait enabled. Our clients typically provide their customers app download instructions and some place the Live Portrait icon towards the bottom of the actual image. Our app does not work on photos that are not in our database and does not scan any type of barcode. Make sure the photo you’re scanning is well lit and try to minimize any glare or shadows, and your Internet or wireless connection is working properly. If you’re scanning a photo and see the “loading video” pop up but no video appears, it’s typically due to a poor Internet connection.


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