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Schools and Sports Photography,

To Your Business - In Just One Day

(Without Spending A Fortune In the Process...)

Perfect for startups, small business, wedding & portrait photographers

No expensive $2,000+ software to buy

Build a REAL business you can easily grow and scale

Get everything you need directly from global industry leaders 

End the confusion, gain confidence, and get a clear step-by-step plan... 

All in just 1 day... 


And with a 30 day, 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.


''After adding high volume photography to my wedding and portrait business using the Photosuite Lite software & workflow, I was able to quickly grow and scale my volume business''


1 Day To Start Your Freedom

The world has changed, and photographers are trying to figure out how they can increase their income and create financial security.

As a wedding and/or portrait photographer,  you are probably struggling with many challenges.


- More competition for clients

- Clients are not spending as much as in the past

The expectation of wedding & portrait couple’s has gone up

- Clients want more for less

- You can't grow or scale your photography business without working more hours want your weekends back!

Sadly, most photographers believe that the only way to increase revenue is to photograph more weddings and portraits


Is this really a sustainable option or solution? How many 65 year old wedding and portrait photographers do you know?

High volume photography is one of the few photography niches where its possible to start, grow and scale your business rapidly and virtually risk free.

My colleagues and I have put together a program including the best software & service in the business to teach you how to add schools & sports photography to your business.

Here's Who It's For...

Photosuite Lite was created for photographers that want to add high volume photography  (schools, pre schools & sports photography to their existing photography business, and for start up companies to enter the industry with minimal risk and outlay.

If you're already a high volume photographer, then this software and service will no doubt save you a bundle of time and allow you to grow and scale your business. 


We 're going to give you a simple road map and workflow to follow that will provide guidance, clarity and certainty and leave you to do the thing you do best...Photograph...


If you are a hobbyist, wedding or portrait photographer you can be ready to photograph your first high volume photography job in just a 1 day.

'' I added pre school and sports photography to my business 12 months ago and now have 24 high volume photo jobs for this year'' 


school photographer.jpg

Here's How It Works...

Schools & Sports Photography Made Easy


Create your job and import data lists,  create dummy subjects or work on the fly. The choice is yours!


Photograph tethered to a computer using Photolink software or photograph free hand using our QR app


Edit your photographs or outsource color correction to us and then upload.

We do the rest!


Seriously...sit back & relax as we take care of quality control, customer service & production

Demonstration of Photosuite Lite
Photosuite LITE demo

You Photograph...We do the rest...

Quality control

Once you have uploaded your job, trained operators will screen through your Job as an extra quality assurance step before we release it in the webshop.

Parents view before purchase

We offer a state-of-art mobile and desktop webshop for online proofing with pre-established packages, products and prices. We know what and how to sell in your local market, so you don't need to guess. That means that you do not have to set anything up to get started

Sales communication and campaigns

Automated and tailored 1-to-1 email and sms communication will drive the conversion rate and sales. Upsell triggers and campaigns will help you increase the average spend per order.


The production is handled by our Lab partners and offer a large product catalogue with good prices and quality. Both batch school/club free delivery and home delivery (paid) are offered to the end user (parents).

Service items and exports

We help you arrange the service items to schools/teams. They will also be able to download their files in the embedded school admin feature.

Customer support

Never answer a parent email or phone call. Customer support to parents is handled by local teams so you never have to waste time with phone calls and emails from parents again.

'' I saved so much time in set up and guessing packs & workflow is so smooth...

no parents phone calls or emails... after 6 months, I now have 13 jobs booked for this year''



Here's What You Get...

Photosuite Lite includes the Photolink software to import subject data and match photographs to subject names by photographing tethered to a computer. It also include the QR app to match subjects to images if you are unable to photography tethered to a computer at your job. 

The online video turorials walk you through step by step to get set up and ready for your first high volume photography job.

Photolink Software (MAC & PC) to control your photoday and match subject data

Ability to create jobs, photograph tethered, data match and upload data

QR code app to photograph match data cordless to

Video Tutorials to walk you though the set by step set up process. Most people complete in 10 minutes

Unlimited data uploads

Production team to quality control your job and maximise your sales

Web store with Predefined Packages, products and prices based on your local market, saving you time in set up and costly mistakes - We know your market.

Free automated communication (emails & texts) to drive sales and upsells

Customer service team for your end users so that you never have to answer emails and phone calls from parents

Production and delivery of packs and products with out lifting a finger

'' I have just one goal...and thats to help as many photographers as I can to either add high volume photography or help exsiting business's to be more profitable, grow & scale''

- Glen J Nelson -


2020 was a crazy year and I know that so many companies have been hurting, so I have just one goal, and thats to help as many photographers as I can to either add high volume photography to their business's successfully or help exsiting volume photography business's to be more profitible, grow & scale.

So I've reduced the price as of January 2021 by 70% to just $97 dollars per year for the Photolink software licience.  I have also reduced the service fee which includes the webshop, quality control team & parent customer service to just 9% of the monthly order value.

If thats not enough... we have slashed our printing prices across the range, Lustre professional 8x12 prints are only $2.50 AUD (Australian Users Only)

If Photosuite Lite does not exceed your expectation in any way, just let me know in the next 30 days and I'II send you a full refund

More Success Stories


''I added high volume photography to my wedding and portrait business in 2015 using Pathway one, using the business model and workflow that Glen teachers has easily enabled us to grow and scale to 150 pre school centres as well as expanding into graduations and now school photography. After our first year, we naturally moved into the Pathway three model which utilizes the customisation, flexibility and features that we needed for our growing business. Thanks Glen & The Team for the continuous support over the years.''

Daniel Sheehan


Gavin image.jpeg

''Having photographed schools for over 20 years and recognising that our industry is changing, I contacted Glen and his team.  We spoke about the importance of mindset change in order to implement real change in my business. Albeit it took some time to get my head around the changes and what that would mean to my business, I couldn't be happier with making the change from another well known software to the business model that Glen teachers with the Netlife platform. ''

Gavin McDougall



''As an enterprise level company we realised that having global industry partners and the implementation of a platform to streamline and manage workflow from booking to delivery would be a game changer for our business. We have been able to reduce our manual labor in every part of our business, control and train photographers to produce exceptionally high quality selection of images for each parent to view and purchase online yielding great buy rates and sale rates. HVP solutions and the Netlife team have been an integral part of the workflow and e -commerce  implementation and an ongoing supporting partner of our business''