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Schools, Sports & Kinder Photography Conference - November 2023 Australia.

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

We started out with a crazy idea....

This crazy idea was to invite high volume photography company owners, directors and leaders in the industry from around the globe (Norway, Spain, UK, Chile, South Africa) to share their knowledge with us here in Australia.

Our vision is to share our network so that Australian companies could gain global perspectives and be inspired with actionable knowledge and tips to improve their own businesses.

Each presenter has an amazing success story, knowledge and insights such as how they have moved from working in the business to working on the business, how changing sales strategy improved their business and how having the right mindset and workflow scaled and increased net profit.

Here are just some a few of the topics we are covering:

  • Scale & Mindset

  • Rethink your photography department

  • Sales communication strategies

  • Postpay online sales - Global perspectives

  • The psychology of packages, pricing & displayed graphics

  • Reducing costs in your production department

  • Workflow

  • Business transformation

  • How will AI change our industry

  • Build V's Buy

  • How will data security affect you?

Don't forget to register your interest at:

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