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Last year we began speaking with the great people from Tether Tools to find ways to help the high volume photography industry change and develop to be more efficient and 'end customer' focused.

As our purpose aligned naturally with Tether Tools, it was a 'no brainer' to mutually explore and develop a partnership.

Tether Tools produce a great range of products that help high volume photographers be more efficient, safer and professional.

After working with a leading school photography company in Australia last year, it became apparent that some very basic physical changes during the photography day would create efficiencies in 'time per subject' and mitigating photographer mistakes.

Below you can see that the photographer shooting tethered, although is quite a long distance from the laptop screen. It takes time for the photographer to view the images making sure he/she took salable photographs, select a favourite and get back into position to take the next subjects photograph...not to mention the back ache of doing that all day long. 'Seconds' count when you have to photograph 2000 students in a day.

school photographer workflow

The photographer could easily move the laptop closer and do a makeshift elevation of the laptop...although there is a safer and more efficient way....

high volume photographer workflow

Having the laptop screen at eye height along side the camera reduces photographer time and can reduce photographer mistakes. As well as saving photographer back injuries which will keep your star photographer going through peak season, cables are also neatly and safely out of the way.

There are many variations of this set up, although I have found this to be the most cumbersome and efficient.

If you are interested in this set up, you can save 10% by using the coupon code 'hvps', ( or at the very least figure out how your school photographers can be more efficient by experimenting with different set ups and poses.

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