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School photo company in Australia completes all jobs in 2020 & delivers all orders before Christmas

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

It's been a tough year for all, there's no doubt in that...but to see this kind of success from a company that has been in hard lock down due to COVID for over 100 days in Melbourne should bring hope and inspire others that anything is possible with great planning, streamlined workflow, the right sales strategies and great leadership.

Arthur Reed Photos have proved themselves once again to be the leaders of school photography in Australia by photographing every job on the books as well as delivering every order from 2020 before Christmas.

From what I hear in the industry at the moment, there has been no other enterprise level company in Australia that has been able to achieve this....


Arthur Reed Photos are the only enterprise level company in Australia that has completely moved to a 'post paid sales strategy - parents view images online and then purchase - however, this is not the only reason.

They have worked tirelessly on their newly adapted workflow from booking to delivery to achieve SAME DAY PRINTING, PACKING & DELIVERY, a workflow which enables a major competitive advantage which other companies should be very worried about, considering the current average delivery times of most other enterprise companies blows out to 2 months and longer....

In addition to this, Arthur Reed Photos have been able to acquire many new schools due to the level of service, quality and turnaround times.

Great work Arthur Reed Photos and look forward to hearing about next year's achievements...

Happy holidays to you all!

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