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High Volume Photography 'COMPOSITE CREATOR'

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

This announcement couldn't have come at a better time....

For the foreseeable future, due to COVID 19 , school photographers will not be able to take 'Traditional' group photos, so the need for an, 'INNOVATIVE BREAK THOUGH' was necessary in our industry and Netlife have stepped up to the challenge.

I have been playing around with the Netlife composite creator which is a new feature past few days and... it's a real time/online GAME CHANGER...

Below is just a basic test version of what the end user sees when purchasing online.

With custom group backgrounds integrated with either static and/or dynamic text/data such as school name, group name, subject names and of course subject images with two clicks of your mouse and a few seconds later, the composite is created on the Netlife servers and automatically placed for every subject to view and purchase. It's a pretty handy tool to have in the high volume photography industry.

TWO 'CLICKS' AND YOUR GOOD TO GO...! I am so excited about this new feature in the Netlife Platform and couldn't wait until next week to show you.

If you would like an update and video of the composite creator, please subscribe to this blog

Stay safe & See you soon!

Don't forget to subscribe to the blog for the updates on the composite creator!

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