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Schools, Sports & Kinder Photography Conference - November 2023 Australia.

Conference SPOTLIGHT - MEET Leigh

from Bluewolf Photography

After a brief foray in Motorsport & Real Estate Photography, a chance meeting in 2009 kickstarted Leigh’s career as a School & Kinder photographer. After an inauspicious start he hit the ground running, opening Blue Wolf Photography in 2012.

In the last 12 months Leigh has been on a journey to build & scale his business. After many years of being a ‘solopreneur’ in 2022 Leigh hit a brick wall. He was burnt out. After some soul searching he began redesigning his business with the goal of spending more time ‘on’ the business as opposed to ‘in’ the business.

Blue Wolf Photography provides portraits to thousands of School & Early Education students every year & does so using a unique blend of traditional packages, natural outdoor shoots & new age technology; embracing 3rd party providers & software.

So far leigh is on track to double his revenue in 2023, growing from a single employee to 7 within the first 6 months. He is working on doubling again in 2024 and growing a long term sustainable business structure.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Scale & Mindset

  • Rethink your photography department

  • Sales communication strategies

  • Postpay online sales - Global perspectives

  • The psychology of packages, pricing & displayed graphics

  • Reducing costs in your production department

  • Workflow

  • Business transformation

  • How will AI change our industry

  • Build V's Buy

  • How will data security affect you?

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