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Christmas Marketing Campaigns For High Volume Photography

After sales and marketing campaigns have not been such a common feature in the high volume photography industry. Three years ago when I asked a room full of companies who was using their database to market to...I heard crickets...along with a tumbleweed... What was going on?

Automated communication is essential for success.

Old style sales strategies such as pre-pay had prevented companies from successfully and efficiently using their databases. However an emerging market using post pay sales (parents view images and then order/buy) significantly caters for the ability to upsell and after sell to your database all year round. Users/Parents are able to view images, and even upload their own images and order.

Watch the video below to learn how easy it is for Netlife users to generate campaigns and to generate additional $$$

Imagine if you could send out an automated marketing campaign at any time of the year to your database, similar to the one below in just a few 'clicks'...well guess what, you can! Now imagine if you could automatically send follow-up SMS campaigns to increase the participation & sales...guess what, you can!


Sample campaign.


Extended version of a sample campaign.

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