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Australian Schools, Sports & Kinder Photography Survey 2023

As a part of November's conference's in Sydney & Melbourne, we have created an industry survey. This market trend survey is intended for professionals engaged in the Australian volume photography industry, photographing kindergartens, schools and sport.

school, sports & kinder photography

Although we share many of the same challenges in our micro niche photographing kids, we tend to solve them differently and with different outcomes. The intention behind the survey is to highlight the similarities and differences in how volume photography is organized and managed, so we can get a "state of the Australian volume photography space" report pr 2023.

This new insight will give us all a better understanding of important trends affecting our industry, and hopefully also give you new ideas on how to develop and future-proof your business.

The summary of this survey will be included as part of the upcoming conference in Melbourne and Sydney mid November. Visit for more information.

Everyone attending this survey will also receive this summary by email post conference.

PS! The cut off date for this survey will be November 1. 2023. Your individual answers are 100% confidential, and the result will be published on a general level of all collected data. The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete and the majority of questions are multiple choice, related to your day-to-day operation. The questions in this survey are divided into five sections containing questions related to photoday, workflow, sales, products, complementary products and how we can form the future as a united industry. PS! The survey does not contain any questions related to your business advantages which are considered confidential. Your survey data will not be stored, until you give consent by finalizing the survey. This mean you can opt-out at any time. This survey is conducted by HVP Solutions PTY LTD. Please help us spread the word about this survey, to receive as much valid data as possible. I would appreciate if you can post this direct link to the survey in all your social networks. Thank you for your participation! Best regards, Glen Nelson

HVP Solutions PTY LTD

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