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2020 Christmas Marketing Campaigns for High Volume Photography 'After Sales'

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Hi Folks,

Just a little reminder for Netlife users to start thinking about your 'After Sales' Christmas campaigns. Yes...that's right Christmas...

Firstly, well done to some clever Netlife users in Australia that ran some campaigns during covid and were very successful with adding between 2k-10k and above by clicking a few buttons...

''Once you have written your campaign, it's just a couple of clicks''

Its best to work backwards and decide on your target audience as its possible to use filters for example 'discount on digital files' by using a 'voucher code'

Once you have written the email/sms text in your 'communication templates', it will then be available in you 'Manual messages'

  • Select the Job or 'Job type' or all Job Types to send the campaign to.

  • Select the message type (Email/SMS).

  • Select the Email template you have created - In my example below, I have created a template called 'Christmas Campaign'.

  • Then Select the recipients that you would like to target with this campaign and the date and time you would like it to happen

My suggestion is to have your marketing plan prepared for all year round - mother day, fathers day, easter, christmas etc.

Why not automate your whole year marketing and program all your campaigns at the same time using the date and time settings - Set & Forget!

Good luck!


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