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The ABC’s of wining pre-school photography contracts - PART 1

School photography contracts

The ABC’s of wining pre-school photography contracts - PART 1

Winning pre-school (childcare/kinder) contracts can be challenging, so to help you understand the basics of what you need and need to do, I have broken it down into two parts, today is PART 1

Every high volume photographer or company will say they take the best photographs, have great prices, natural smiles and laughs, style of photography, bla bla bla..Yes, its ok to market these things, but so is everyone else! So how do you stand out from every other pre-school photographer?

A good place to start is your 'points of difference’ (POD’s)

End user experience - Make parents happy and provide the freedom of choice to order & customise photos online. Almost 100% of Northern Europe now order their pre school photos online once they have seen them, its a growing market trend, although surprising there are many photographers and companies that still only offer pre-pay or manual proof card strategies only. If you have happy parents, you will have a happy ‘head of school’.

In your email marketing or face to face meetings, give the Head of the pre-school a demonstration of how a parent will order (like the one HERE). Its a great way to show how easy it is and how parents can view, customise and order.

Your personality and service go a long way in winning a pre school contract, if the decision maker likes your photographs, although doesn’t like you, more than likely, you won’t get the contract! Be likeable!

The head of the pre school is very busy, so make sure they know that you can reduce their manual labour (hassles) in your photography process with automated communication and offering of home delivery with school delivery options.

Often I hear of pre schools not receiving photos until weeks or months after the photoshoot. This is completely unacceptable and an under utilised point of difference. Guarantee that parents can view and order images X days after the last photoshoot day. It will make a difference!

Below is a list of other POD’s to have a think about.

  • Price

  • Packages

  • Style of Photography - Natural, portrait, Green Screen

  • Quality (Images, products)

  • Service

  • Community service & engagement

  • Turn around times

  • Home Delivery

  • Useful range of products

  • Commission on Sales or other gifts (Free staff photos)

  • Sales Strategy

  • Choice

  • End user experience - Make parents happy

  • Reduce School Hassles

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • School admin / export features for data base

Coming up in PART 2

  • Simple steps to win contracts

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