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What is Aspect Ratio?

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

After discussing aspect ratios with photographers many times, its become apparent that it still confuses a great deal of people, which is why we have produced this easy to understand document. The first step is knowing what ratio your camera is using, so find out if you dont already know - 'Full frame' (2:3) or 'Cropped frame' (3:4 or 4:5)?

Aspect ratios are extrememly important to understand when you have complete automation in your high volume photography workflow that includes a webstore. There should be no need to do any manual cropping if you/photographers get this right!

Aspect ratio describes the ratio between the height and width of an image.

Print sizes below (inches) according to the aspect ratio of an image

How Images are affected in the Netlife webshop by different ratio print sizes.

When using the Netlife Platform, it’s important to realise how your photographs will appear in the webshop automatically when you photograph using a ‘full frame’ camera (2:3 aspect ratio) - This can also be reverse enginereed if you are photographing with a 'cropped frame'.

Leaving enough headroom in your image will allow you to use multiple ratio print sizes as shown below. You can see how the image is treated automatically in the webshop.

'Dynamic templates' allow parents to move the image around inside the print area, however parents may not realise this, which can cause issues with ‘cropped heads’ - parents not realising this (even if there are warnings before purchase in the checkout). This is why its best to forsee and eliminate the potential issues before they happen.

Below is how a ‘full frame image’ (Ratio 2:3) will be cropped in the Netlife webshop when 3:4 and 4:5 ratio print sizes are used.

Hope this helps to clarify a few thing for you!

Thanks for colleague Harri for preping this info!



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