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Volume Photography 'Account' Schools & Clubs - Are you missing $$$ when photographing these jobs?

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

On some occasions you will come across schools and clubs that incorporate a 'photography pack' within the yearly fees. These are sometimes known as 'Account Schools/Clubs'.

Usually, the pack is quite generic and limited - High Volume Photography companies generally love these types of jobs as they know the economic outcome before they photograph, however the downside is the packs are usually low cost.

There is a massive oversight of lost potential income from these types of jobs. Let me explain...Parents are not given the choice of selecting photographs, packs or customisation, this is something that is taken away from them or not offered, even though they have paid for photography in their yearly school or club fees.

The point is, that when parents have the choice to customise, they usually spend more.

Wouldn't it be great to get the best of both be able to have a guaranteed certain amount of income form the account school or club but also have the ability to up sell and encourage higher purchase rates....and at the same time giving the parents freedom to customise and ultimately up sell to a higher cost pack or add additional products.

So, how would you do it...?

Parents are automatically communicated to via email/SMS or proofcard - The communication contains both a link to view and purchase the images online as well as a 'coupon code' to the value of the pack included in their fees.

The parent has the choice to either just purchase the pack (with the coupon code) or upgrade to a different pack, add digital files, add additional products and customise the order.


The outcome is nothing but positive with larger order values and streamlined production, while appeasing the parents with customisation and freedom to choose...

Why aren't YOU doing this...?

Many operators are stuck in traditional mindsets or don't have the technical capabilities to automate this strategy with high volume photography. Is this you?


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