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Schools, Sports & Kinder Photography Conference - November 2023 Australia.

Updated: Aug 30, 2023


Harri Olkinuora is a proven leader with more than 20 years of experience in the photographic industry. Although he is primarily working with larger school photography companies and labs, he also enjoy working closely with smaller operators to develop their business.

He processes an unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit combined with deep passion for both technology and business development. In his position as Head of Sales and Marketing @ Netlife, he has helped hundreds of businesses become more profitable, by maximizing the value of their current volume or help them scale. He is not only providing Netlife's comprehensive software platforms, but also trusted advice to meet their strategies and goals.

His passion of helping the players in the industry, has led him into organizing -and hosting the first ever international school photography convention in Europe with attendees from 18 countries. He also enjoy being a speaker at conferences and have attended multiple events around the world. Harri is also an active part of the SPAC USA, as a member of the board advisory committee.

Harri is currently working with school- and sport photographers in Vietnam, Japan, Finland, Chile, France, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Norway, South Africa, Iceland, Scotland, Holland, Singapore, Denmark, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Greenland, Canada, Oman, Belgium, Bahrain, England, Northern Ireland, Poland, New Zealand, Spain and USA.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Scale & Mindset

  • Rethink your photography department

  • Sales communication strategies

  • Postpay online sales - Global perspectives

  • The psychology of packages, pricing & displayed graphics

  • Reducing costs in your production department

  • Workflow

  • Business transformation

  • How will AI change our industry

  • Build V's Buy

  • How will data security affect you?

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