'HVP Solutions' Launch National School & Clubs Photo Brand To Help Netlife Platform Users In OZ

I’m proud to announce the launch of our whitelabel schools and clubs Australian national photo brand ‘’

This whitelabel operation is set up to fundamentally to help Netlife platform users, schools and clubs.

Over the years as a vendor, we (HVP Solutions & Netlife) have been contacted by schools and sports clubs wanting to use our software and sales platform and have seen a growing trend for this over the last 12 months.

Being curious, we wanted to identify why schools and sports clubs are contacting us...and after discussions with schools and club decision makers, it was found that there were four main reasons that they wanted to pursue the avenue of using our platform.

  • They wanted to photograph students when it was convenient for them

  • They wanted parents to be able to view the photos online and then order instead of the outdated strategy or ‘Prepaid sales’

  • They have been unhappy with images, citing poor face expressions and lack of choice of images.

  • They wanted to raise money for the school/club

It’s important to note here that the above reasons have NOT come from schools and clubs that use the Netlife Platform as 100% of all Netlife users provide multiple subject images with an online postpaid sales strategy - Parents see, customise and then purchase -

Now as a vendor that primarily helps photography companies through changing workflows and sales strategies, we have found ourselves in a place that we are forced to help the schools and clubs directly as their needs are not being met by industry operators that refuse to change the way they operate and ignore the needs of their clients.

This of course presents a challenge when it comes to our Netlife platform users, however, we love to find solutions to challenges...

Finding a win win solution where schools, clubs, community, Netlife platform users and freelance photographers can all prosper was the key to creating positive industry change.

We have built a framework that supports this, with key points as follows:

  1. Offer jobs to our Netlife users in the local area as a priority

  2. Never take jobs away from our Netlife users

  3. Employ local freelance photographers if Netlife users aren't locally present

  4. Continued support of our Netlife platform users to reduce manual labour, costs and grow.

With this framework set in place, we are able to make it a ‘win win’ for all involved,

photography companies, freelance photographers and schools/clubs needs are met.

Someone once told me…’business isn't difficult...find the problem and create a solution’, which is exactly what we have done. With both the Netlife platform and the launch of the ‘’ whitelabel business model we have listened to the market and given them a solution that meets their needs.

In fact, we encourage our platform users to explore the business model themselves and utilize this whitelabel idea for their own portals to use freelance photographers on a National level. Some have already started and have been very successful.

So, how can you become a part of our movement to create positive changes in the high volume photography industry?

If your a company owner or CEO that wants to implement significant change to your organisation and require the experience of an external team and network that have helped many small to enterprise level companies then simply reach out to have a chat. We are here to help companies transform into a workflow and sales strategy that is future proof, more profitable and has a true competitive advantage.

If you are a freelance photographer, particularly with a strong background in wedding and/or portrait photography and looking for additional revenue stream, don’t hesitate to drop us a line

We look forward to working with our current and new partners to create a bright new future for our industry that improves image quality and meets the needs of our clients.

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