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HVP Launches ProLab

Exclusively printing for school, club and pre-school photographers!

After three years of unofficially printing for some of our Australian and NZ Netlife users, we have decided to make it official with a shiny new webpage...

Our decision to officially launch HVP Prolab as a division of HVP solutions was driven by feedback from our existing platform users that are not inhouse printing themselves.

The common feedback from our users was that they wanted a Lab that ensures correct packing of orders (if required), print and product quality, speed, and to be notified of issues such as color and exposure before it reaches the hands of the purchaser/parent.

We know the effect it has when a parent opens their order and something is missing...It can affect the whole job and potentially 'lose' that job. This is something that neither you or us want to happen, which is why we have safeguards to mitigate these mistakes from happening.

HVP Prolab is the only Lab in Australia that prints exclusively for high volume photographers which enables us to streamline the production process delivering a range of quality print products with lightning dispatch times - same day dispatch for home delivery orders and less than 24 hour dispatch time for batched delivery orders.

Drop shipping for parent orders for both home delivery and batch orders back to the school/club or kinder are common place for our Netlife users.

As HVP solutions and the Netlife platform have a vested interest in increasing your order values, HVP ProLab also offer a significant variety of products to upsell and after sell to your users/parents, encouraging higher order values.

Not a Netlife user?

No problem, we have alternate ways for you to send files to us for printing. However if you would like to trial Netlife Photosuite Lite for FREE to get a 'taste' of the automation of the sales and production process, then please get in touch with us to discuss.

Get in touch to discuss your school, club and pre school photography printing.

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