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High Volume Photography Print Production Workflow

Michael Marlborough from Kayell Australia chats with us about automating the print production workflow for online customised orders.

With High Volume Photography sales strategies changing rapidly from pre paid to post paid in the Australian and US markets, order customisation is now an expectation from parents.

In the past with pre pay sales, parents order something that they have not seen and then wait weeks or months for it to be delivered?

The challenge in tha past has been how to automate the print production of the customised orders in volume for school, sports and preschool photography.

The tech is now widely availble, even to the smaller operators to completely automate print production via a lab or print in-house via professional mini labs.

Transforming production workflow for high volume photography companies and labs at an enterprise level also enables a significant reduction in manual labor , inturn saving costs and adding to profitablitly.

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