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Are high volume photography operators giving away revenue without knowing it?

Updated: Mar 6

high volume photography templates for school and sports photographers

Are you using your client data to offer your customers specials or new products all year round? If not, you're giving away a large chunk of additional revenue that could be in your pocket!

Most high volume photo operators focus on getting the initial sale or package from each client. After this, there is little or no effort towards after sales. It's time for high volume photo operators to get more savvy and utilise their most powerful asset - The client database.

Wouldn't it make sense to create an 'all year round' relationship with your clients offering them new products or specials at certain times of the year - Mothers day, Fathers day, Christmas etc.

We can learn a lot from consumer print labs that master the art of marketing campaigns and creating long term long term clients that purchase periodically. I assume that this is the main focus of 'Shutterfly' with the recent acquisition of the school photo operator - 'LifeTouch'. Don't be fooled, the acquisition was not only for the school photo business, it was for the 10 million or so clients that they will add to their database

It's important to inspire your database/clients with 'New Release' template special products in order to gain the 'after sale'.

To recap, in order to capitalise on your data base, you just need to implement a plan:

  • Create a yearly marketing plan based around special calendar dates

  • Use you data base in conjunction with an automated online sales solution

  • Inspire your customers with New Release template products

  • New release products for up selling upon first purchase

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