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'NEXT GEN' School Photography Ordering

While some markets are still contemplating to use post online sales as a sales strategy (consumers views images and then orders), Netlife have already paved the way for the next generation of post online sales in the high volume photography market.

Netlife have released the next generation of post sales ordering with the mobile optimised 2.0 web shop at the SPAC convention hosted in Vegas a few weeks back.

One can't help but to draw a bow to the purchase of Lifetouch by Shutterfly and think about the future sales platform that Lifetouch may or may not use.

If the worlds largest school operator changes the sales strategy to online post sales, what influence will this have on the rest of the local markets and global industry?

Flip that around, what happens if Lifetouch competitors start using the online post sales strategy and platform...

Either way, we are looking a market well overdue for a positive change.

In fact, we can see the change has already taken place quite a few years ago throughout Northern Europe with now almost 100% of high volume photography operators using post online sales as their primary sales channel...and with great results!

Try the mobile optimised webshop on your device now!


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