Photosuite 'Lite' service is currently only available in Australia & Canada

(Photosuite 'Pro' available globally) 

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  • Photolink Software

  • Create jobs, photograph tethered, data match and upload data

  • QR code app to photograph cordless to match data

  • Unlimited data uploads

  • Training Videos

  • Admission to the HVP facebook community to help support your journey

  • Web store with Predefined Packages, products and prices saving you time in set up and costly mistakes

  • Free automated communication to drive sales and upsells

  • Customer service team for your end users.

  • Production and delivery of packs and products

Additional service costs calculated on monthly income:

  • Lab costs (prints, packing)

  • 3% credit card processing fee

  • 10% service fee on order value


"We want to learn more about you".


Send a request and we will be happy to book an informal one-to-one chat or demo our school & sports photography software solution.




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