MODULE 1  Look back, to look forward - History, current leaders and how they changed their market

MODULE 2  Steps to prepare for growth and scale - How and where to start

MODULE 3  How to add high volume photography to your current photography business

MODULE 4  Workflow - How to create a streamlined workflow that enables scale and growth

MODULE 5  Sales strategies - How to price packs, upsell and communicate

MODULE 6  How to acquire school, sports and kinder clients. Step by step guide how to win contracts/tenders.

MODULE 7  Knowing your local data privacy laws - Preparation and answers

MODULE 8  Tools of the trade to make your business a success, resources to grow you and and your business.

Welcome to the guide to start, scale & grow your high volume photography business in school, kinder and sports photography.


High volume photography is the one of the few photography business’s that is truly scalable. Building and growing a successful high volume photography company is easier said than done, especially when you are a one man band or one women show trying to catch up or compete with the thousands of other photographers and large established business.

However, there has never been a better time to start, scale and grow in the schools, sports & kinder photography industry than now. Consumer purchasing habits have changed along with technology to streamline workflow and scale to a 6-7 figure high volume photography business independent of location. 

There are eight modules to this master class which are all packed full of valuable content to start, scale and grow your schools, sports or kinder. It is important to work through each module and relate it back to your business


  • Look back to look forward - Historical journey to look at how the industry has developed and learn from past mistakes.

  • Who are the leaders in high volume photography - how and what can we learn from them

  • Identifying industry challenges 


MODULE 2 - How to start - Steps

  • Mindset - Think & act like an Entrepreneur - 

  • Creating a 'company'  101 (Company name, company type) Sett your business up for scale and growth without you 

  • Vision, goals & how to succeed.

  • Work 'on' it...not 'in' it

  • Path of least resistance - Which HVP niche should I start in?

  • Get a 'real job'

  • Do I need a job to transition? (Get a school photo job with a large company)

  • Nice to haves...must haves...invest wisely on ROI features


  • How to add high volume photography to my wedding and portrait business


MODULE 4 - Workflow - Small - Enterprise

  • What should you look for in a workflow

  • Business model - OLD v NEW

  • Netlife Demonstration

  • What does my workflow look like

  • Challenges of changing your workflow


MODULE 5 - Sales strategies ato Parents

  • What is Prepay, proofcard, speculation sales, postpaid online, hybrid sales (Push V's Pull)

  • Which sales strategy should I use?

  • Pricing phycology 101 How to price packs and what to include (Kiss)

  • Using your most important asset for after sales

  • Upsell

MODULE 6 - Acquiring clients - Step by step guide

  • Getting the first job - Playbook

  • What does my market look like - Identify your market 

  • The first job - Aks friends and family about connections to school, kinders etc - Fate fundraisers, school sports teams 

  • What are your POD’s

  • Don’t different!

  • Schools make decission around 12 months out

  • Asking the right questions

  • What are the challenges with your current vendor

  • What service does the school require? (Id’s staff packs

  • Answering questions correctly

  • Out to tender or school makes decission without tender

  • Call/email when the next tender is coming? 

  • Call school around 3-4 weeks after shoot day

  • Gate keepers - get in good with the office ladies

  • Use upwork to get the contact

  • Devise strategy for each market

  • Precise steps to strategies

  • Tenders 

  • Contracts

  • Ask, show and give brand promise

  • POD’s - W


MODULE 7 - Privacy

Policies - Data



MODULE 8 Tools-Software

Netlife Photosuite

Tether equipment


Mike Dillard Podcast (Think like an Entrepreneur)

Who is this Master class for?

If you have been thinking about starting a HVP business, this is for you.

Finding it difficult to grow and scale, this is for you

Need to streamline your workflow..this is for you


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