ID for organizations security and access

It's Me Id covers the need the school has for ID cards for students and employees. The school has full control at all stages of the process, such as image, digital ID card, physical ID card, images to the management system, lock systems, follow me print technology and catalog. 


It's Me Id is also built up to accommodate the new EU Directive GDPR. It's Me Id is with school all the way so they get the product agreed on time and in a safe way.

  • 1. Digital ID card (app)

  • 2. Physical ID Card

  • 3. Portrait Catalog

  • 4. Images for the school management system

  • 5. Professional image processing

  • 6. Touch-free card, RFID customized school needs

  • 7. Expertise and Safety

  • 8. Easy booking / activation of ID cards for students



  • No disruption to the school 

  • Each class teacher can have access to the capture app during 'Home room' for example

  • Can allow students to have input to select the best image

  • Quickly identifies data base discrepancies

  • Allows the official school photographer to be booked any time of the year, alleviating start of year congestion

  • Environmentally Friendly Digital ID


  • Traditional Cards barcode, chip (stream line print inhouse or outsource)

Easy fast to Use Capture App

  • Quickly add new students

Easy to manage

  • Upload and edit your complete data base

  • Delete leaving students


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