Hi, Glen Nelson here, thanks for joining me for this training on how to start and add high volume photography to your existing photography business and specifically wedding and portrait photographers.

Today I,m going to teach you the business model, pathways and workflow that I learned when starting high volume photography that allowed me to grow and scale my photography business.  

The most difficult aspect of starting high volume photography is having to start from scratch, you’d need to figure out everything on your own.


There is no need for you to reinvent the wheel when you are able to fast track learning and processes by following a proven business model which many start ups and now enterprise level companies have now used.

Your Current Challenges...

As a wedding and/or portrait photographer, have you ever thought about your current challenges?


If you have, you may have found that:


  • There is more competition for clients

  • Clients are not spending as much as in the past.

  • The expectation of wedding couple’s has gone up - they want more for less

  • You can't grow or scale your photography business without working more hours

  • You want your weekends back!


Do any of these sound familiar to you?


Well, The good news is that you are not alone….. the bad news is….. that your unfortunately... not alone


Over the past years I have spoken with so many portrait and wedding photographers that have been in this position and need to increase their revenue,


But sadly most photographers believe that the only way to increase revenue is to photograph more weddings and portraits


Is this really a sustainable option or solution?


How many 65 year old wedding and portrait photographers do you know?


Understanding your current business trajectory is an important step in realising that you must change the way you operate as a photography business.

High volume photography is one of the few photography niches where its possible to start, grow and scale your business rapidly and virtually risk free 


Starting or adding high volume photography isn't rocket science, if you are a hobbyist, wedding or portrait photographer you can be ready to photograph your first high volume photography job in just a couple days.

If you believe in putting effort into success, then this training is for you and go ahead click on the play button to view the training.

Business model pathways...

Gone are the days of high volume photography only being for those that can afford custom built platforms, expensive office space, adding manual labour to cope with workflow and purchasing production equipment, only to duplicate the expenses as the company grows and scales…


That simply doesn't make sense 


The success of the model comes from three main elements:

  1. Low barrier to entry with No to Low risk and investment

  2. Remote working with No need for an office or studio as photographers are on sight at the job and all process are cloud based and tracked at every step.

  3. Reduced manual labour with un-limited scalability - The traditional business model requires more fixed costs with manual labour when it grows . It doesn't need to be this way and this is where we can cut the fat to scale horizontally without introducing copious amounts of manual labour vertically. This will become clearer as we look at the different pathways that the model inherently offers.


The business model and workflow that you are going to learn has been proven successful not only by me but by all the current successful businesses that use it, from start ups to enterprise level companies.


The model is broken down into 3 pathways that can either be used on their own..or.. together as a growth strategy to de-risk your business and maximise profits


Let’s take a look at the first pathway, this is how YOU could start or add high volume photography to your business in a matter of hours

                  Pathway 1














Pathway 1 is for starting or adding high volume photography to your existing business. Typically, this business model is for a 1 person business, owner operator and under 2000 high volume subjects per year in addition to wedding and portrait photography


This pathway effortlessly adds another revenue stream creating a more stable owner operator business... think of it as a chair with three legs instead of just two...which one is more stable?


Pathway 1 has no risk as you retain your revenue with weddings and portraits while acquiring high volume photography jobs.  It also has very low cost barrier to entry...under 200 Australian dollars


In front of you now is the complete business model, for our purpose, the green areas are Pathway 1, 

The greyed areas are for growth and scalability and are used in Pathways 2 and 3 which we will see in a moment.


The areas in green are the three activities that you as an owner operator will perform when starting or adding high volume photography to your existing business.


As you can see, the Pathway 1 responsibilities are minimised so that you are able enter high volume photography quickly and focus on what you do best...photographing..


Interestingly, we also have wedding photographers using this service as they photograph mini portrait sessions at the wedding and utilize the automated data matching, communication and sales platform to add additional revenue to each wedding they photograp


''I added high volume photography to my wedding and portrait business in 2015 using Pathway one, using the business model and workflow that Glen teachers has easily enabled us to grow and scale to 150 pre school centres as well as expanding into graduations and now school photography. After our first year, we naturally moved into the Pathway three model which utilizes the customisation, flexibility and features that we needed for our growing business. Thanks Glean & The Team for the continuous support over the years.''

Daniel Sheehan


person icon copy.jpg

''Having photographed schools for over 20 years and recognising that our industry is changing, I contacted Glen and his team.  We spoke about the importance of mindset change in order to implement real change in my business. Albeit it took some time to get my head around the changes and what that would mean to my business, I couldn't be happier with making the change from another well known software to the business model that Glen teachers with the Netlife platform. ''

Gavin McDougall


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''As an enterprise level company we realised that having global industry partners and the implementation of a platform to streamline and manage workflow from booking to delivery would be a game changer for our business. We have been able to reduce our manual labor in every part of our business, control and train photographers to produce exceptionally high quality selection of images for each parent to view and purchase online yielding great buy rates and sale rates. HVP solutions and the Netlife team have been an integral part of the workflow and e -commerce  implementation and an ongoing supporting partner of our business''